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The Mattapony Reserve relies on revolutionary and more sustainable winemaking technology. Better quality wine with minimal water usage and minimal environmental impact is the goal. Only the very best grapes are selected from across the Chesapeake Bay, Hampton Roads and Blue Ridge regions of Virginia.


The natural winemaking process intensifies the primary fruit flavors and aromas of each varietal grape. It is gratifying to capture the essence of each varietal grape and to drink it within recent memory of the growing season that produced it.  Because there are no sulfites, additives or preservatives, our wine is intended to be enjoyed while its young and not aged on a shelf for years. 
We hope you join us in our celebration of culture, art, natural wine and food, while appreciating an environmentally responsible and sustainable approach to living... the way nature intended.

Our foods are made fresh daily.  Sourcing locally means we use the freshest ingredients available.  Just as importantly, we support local farmers and growers.  The reliance on local or Virginia grown means we support local economies, all while strengthening our communities. We make foods you feel good about.

Mattapony Reserve you will taste and feel the all-natural difference in our wines and foods.

Heron in Mattaponi River

Interested in exploring the unique experiences with Mattapony Reserve?

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